Malmo, Sweden

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Rather than a public art project this exchange is about making a visual narrative between two different omnipotent spaces both the space in one hand   carrying a potential living historical memory, on the other hand  also has the hidden possibilities of the incompatible contradiction.In this art project we invited artists from India and Sweden and invited artist will develop their individual or collaborative work through the process of collaborating with two curators.Rather than production or final execution this collaboration starts with a dialogue between both curators which is more about an  idea of space ,intimacy,bonding,struggle,body,labor and contradiction of nature and culture.  This is the nature of the project where both curators have to be  very sensitive about choosing the exhibiting space where they are trying to evolve the possibility of conflict between visible and invisible line.Curators are deeply involved in the respective area and environment of the exhibition sites to understand more the dynamics and politics of the site. During this project we are trying to concentrate two complete different cities practice of seen-unseen labor and the process of its viewing.Howrah and Malmo are each a city which has its own visual parlance but there is strong understanding of human labor,city’s new lifestyle, developing society and its hidden crisis. Here one city had a long history of labor industry, people’s movement, naxalite history and of course current politica scenario where the city is more free with open economy,migrated labor,new political friction and new understanding of neo-social spaces. Howrah is based on a side of a  river bank opposite Kolkata formal british capital.History of this city is also reflected from its architecture and living history which is also a crucial element. Malmö on the other hand is a relatively small city with labor-industrial history.It  had the large shipyard industry Kockums until it moved the production from Malmö  in 1998,  and a  number of textile factories that closed down in the 1950s and 60s.Some other large industries in Malmö were ADDO that produced office equipment, Ljungmans  that produced petrol pumps and Cementa that are  still producing cement.Malmö has recently turned into a knowledge city since the University was based in the city. Malmö has the largest population in Sweden of Middle East origin, who mainly establish themselves in small companies like food stores, tailoring,barbers but also as dentists, doctors,lawyers etc.This is independent exhibition initiated by Meteor International – The artist group Meteor  based in Seved/Sofielund,Malmö make art projects mainly in the public space, at unexpected places. The group was formed in 2003 to make it possible to make larger projects that needed many participants and that could reach out to an unpredicted audience. The group consists of artist members of different ages and thereby bridges the gap between older and younger artists which is one of the main ideas behind the making of the group. Meteor has a network of artist members from India, Iran, Egypt, US, Estonia, Germany, Denmark besides its Swedish members. We want to make art that reaches also to a public that are not used to go to art galleries or art museums.Conflicting Spaces curated by Tamara De Laval and Chimuk,for more information visit regarding project or organization please visit &


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