Information For Node Organisers

Instructions for Node Organisers

The Srinagar Biennale hinges its operational dynamics on nodal connections. In order to make your node operational, you will first need to activate your presence on the Srinagar Biennale website. Please follow these steps to create your presence and connect with all the other nodes:

1. The first step to activate your node is to create a twitter account for your node.
2. The twitter handle for each node MUST be in this format: sxrat(location short-form). For e.g: Twitter handle for Ahmedabad node is sxratahd.
3. Please post your first tweet by tagging @sxrbiennale or #srinagarbiennale
4. Your tweet will immediately be reflected on the Srinagar Biennale website and the team will add a twitter widget to your node page.
5. You can continue to tweet updates on activities and events scheduled at your node. Please tag #srinagarbiennale for all your tweets to be reflected on the main biennale twitter feed.