OneNightStand @ Niv

A series of Performance Art/Harkat/Action art/Conceptual Art/idea-Art/Material-body Art/innovative Theater and all that we associate with our direct presences in a given architectural space. The place where we intend to assemble  every Saturday of the month, will roll out the  processual of each participant, part in the mind, part embedded in materials already.
A simultaneity of intent and randomness of night long activity will  flow with a direction, so that participants get ample time to test their skills , and to intervene or experience the exercises by other artists, even.

From 6 PM onwards on 24th of June 2017.

Please submit your willingness to participate via or with <onenightstand_application> in the subject matter.  Open for all.

Further, we will be glad if you are able to find a sponsor. Please write for proper invite letter. We will gladly issue one to that effect. with love in heart,

initiated by Inder Salim

supported by Niv Art Centre.